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I hereby invite you to reflect about your stay in our country and about the reasons why we want to be your election amongst other tour operators in Portugal.

Our private tours service, in Lisbon and its surroundings, is open to the interests and expectations of our customers. As such, we allow ourselves to travel to the place chosen by the customer, developing tailor-made routes of only one or several days (circuit). Your comfort and safety is of paramount importance to us which is why we only provide high-end luxury transport and service.

With us, the tours are designed for you to truly enjoy each place and to ensure that your day out is one to remember. You will find that the duration of our tours is long, which is due to the fact that we take every minute to discover the details that make each destination unique, always respecting the pace of our customers.

With PORTUCALLIS, we guarantee an excellent guiding service, through a group of dedicated professionals originated from the country’s best tourism schools, with interesting academic and professional backgrounds, always with a sense of courtesy.

Our guides, interpret the story of the fascinating forts, castles, palaces and cathedrals with passion. If by the end of the day, you undertook the initiatory path of a Freemason in Quinta da Regaleira, witnessed a tragic love story in Alcobaça, or followed the footsteps of the Knights Templar in Tomar... Do not be surprised, because our guides turn our routes into unique and unforgettable moments!

In this country, with an amazing heritage to discover, I invite you to let PORTUCALLIS be your guide.
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Best regards,
Francisco Eloy Piñeiro R.
Director of PORTUCALLIS, Private Tours