The following points define the terms and conditions to be applied in the provision of services with Portucallis after booking a tour, tour packs or circuits. Any changes to these terms and conditions shall be agreed between the customer and Portucallis before booking.

1. Portucallis’s Tours
Portucallis is a tourist entertainment agent based in Lisbon (Portugal Tourism authorization No. 325/2016), fully specialized in customized private tours with high quality and historical content.

1.1. Tour Types
We conduct daily private tours, and private tours of several days, providing transport and personal guiding service (not including accommodation) in accordance with the route desired by the customer, in all of mainland Portugal.

1.2. Full-day tour duration
The duration of the tours is variable, according to the points of interest to visit and adequate time to fully enjoy each place, with a minimum of 4 hours up to 12 hours a day. The tour begins at the time of Pick-Up and ends at the Drop-Off at the site chosen by the customer. Each tour’s duration will be specified.

1.3. Pick-Up and Drop-Off
The Pick-up’s location can be different from the Drop-Off’s, depending on the agreement with Portucallis. The Pick-Up time is recommended by Portucallis but is always confirmed with the customer.

1.4. Transport
Our own fleet comprises spacious minivans (Mercedes Class V) with up to 7 seats (6 occupants + driver) and luxury details (leather seats, independent air conditioning, tinted windows, arm support ...) allowing more space and comfort for the client. For trips up to 5 passengers, the customer may request the placement of the seats in executive format, with a table in the center (2 passengers traveling backwards).

For trips from 1 to 6 passengers, Portucallis uses its own fleet or a hired vehicle with comparable features. For 7 or more passengers, transport will be in a mini-bus with luxury finishes and a hired chauffeur.

1.5. Tours’ Availability
When designing our tours, the closing days of museums and monuments will be taken into account, not providing tours in the days of its closure, unless requested by the customer. However, the monuments may close without notice so we do not guarantee the entry to the listed monuments. Nonetheless, we always seek to find the best way to enjoy the tour if this occurs.

Portucallis closes on the 25th of December and 1st of January.

2. Prices, Reservations and Payments
2.1. Prices
The quoted prices are expressed in € (Euros) and include all legally required fees.

The budgeted prices are valid for the number of adult passengers and minors (<18 years) indicated. Changes to the indicated passengers may change the final amount.

The value indicated in the proposals is valid for 10 days, unless otherwise specified.

Our daily tours prices include pick-up and drop-off at the agreed place, private transportation, (driver/guide), guided visits with explanation inside the monuments, fuel, tolls, rates, parking facilities, insurance for all participants, wifi 4G, child seat and water for the trip.

The value of the monuments/museums entrance tickets, meals, wine tasting, tasting of regional sweets is only included when indicated.

2.2. Reservations
Reservations can be made by email through private.tours@portucallis.pt, the online form on the website: www.portucallis.pt, or if available, through your hotel. In order to ensure availability, we recommend you book with the most time in advance.

To secure your booking, you will be required to pay an amount up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of the service, which varies according to the tour (tour, tours or circuit pack), with one of the available payment methods.

Only after proof of payment is received by Portucallis, will the reservation be confirmed.

2.3. Payments
The following payment methods are available:

2.3.1. In Cash, applicable if the payment is to be held on the tour day;

2.3.2. Transfer, for payments prior to the day of the tour, for which a proof of delivery for the purpose of reservation is required;

2.3.3. Paypal; for payment prior to the day of the tour;

2.3.4. Credit card;

If any amount is to be collected on the day of the tour, this one will be charged at the beginning of the tour, by the guide.

3. Insurance
All tours are covered by mandatory insurance for tourist entertainment activities, these being:

INSURANCE CIVIL LIABILITY policy 95/253304 Liberty Seguros, capital of € 50,000 per claim / year and franchise of 10% applicable to minimum of 500 €.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE, policy No. 10011530620 Liberty Seguros, the following guarantees: Death or Permanent Disability - capital of € 20,000; Treatment Expenses and Repatriation - capital of € 3,500. Age limit: 75 years.

4. Changes to tours
4.1. Itinerary tour
You may request any changes to the tour, before or during its execution, with the agreement of all passengers. If the change has a financial impact on the value of the tour or exceeds the length of the predicted time, an additional amount is to be collected to accommodate the requested change.

Portucallis may have to make changes to the starting time or pick-up location or the places to visit, due to weather, traffic conditions, or any other reason that justifies these changes, that aren’t predictable by Portucallis.

4.2. Date of tour
You may request to change the date of the tour at least 48 hours in advance, since it is possible for Portucallis to ensure the service on a new date with the same conditions.

5. Cancellation Tours
The customer can cancel the tour whenever desired but the refund of your money may only be partial, according to our refund policy (next point).

In case of no-show by the customer, without notice, up to 45 minutes after the time of Pick-Up, the tour will be considered canceled.

6. Refunds
6.1. Reimbursement due to cancellation
If unforeseen circumstances force Portucallis to cancel some of the tours, except for customer’s no-show, you will be entitled to a full refund of Portucallis payments.

The cancellation due to customer’s no-show, does not give right to any refund.

For cancellations of daily tours, up to 48 hours before the date, you will be refunded of 100% of the amount paid, minus the amount of the fees charged in the payment means, with a minimum value of 10 €; with less than 48 hours, 0% of the amount paid will be refunded.

In circuit cancellations requiring a the guide to stay outside of Lisbon: up to 15 days before the start of the first tour, you will be refunded of 90% of the amount paid; between 15 days to 48 hours before the start of the first tour you will be refunded of 50% the amount paid; with less than 48 hours of notice, no refund is provided.

6.2. Refund due to changes to the tour
No refund is predicted due to changes that are not attributed nor influenced by Portucallis.

6.3. Other reasons
There is no refund due to unavailable Wifi, disorder or failure to comply with safety rules, by the passengers, closed monuments or abandonment of the group/tour by the passengers at their own will.

7. Security
For security purposes and in order to thoroughly enjoy the trip, the customer must comply with the following provisions:

. The names and dates of birth of all passengers for registration under personal accident insurance at the time of booking;
Note: When you are traveling with children or babies, Portucallis provides shuttle car accessories appropriate for your safety;

. Do warn Portucallis, at time of booking, if some of the passengers may require medical assistance or special care (eg food allergies, diabetes, recent surgery, etc.);

. Opt for comfortable shoes for walking on uneven terrain, bring sun protection (hat, cream) and a coat to protect from cooler climate;

. Do not smoke or eat inside the transport vehicle;

. Do not leave visible objects in the vehicle during the visits. Portucallis is not responsible for lost/stolen items or documents inside the vehicle or in visiting places;

. Ask the guide/driver help for opening doors and windows. The customer is responsible for the damage that he might eventually cause the vehicle.

8. Personal Data and Privacy
The personal data requested to passengers is only used for the purpose of booking, insurance, security and quality monitoring, and is not disclosed to third parties other than as described in the terms and conditions.

9. Other issues
Any question, doubt or suggestion, you can submit it by email to private.tours@portucallis.pt.